Sustainable Context Highlighting a Sustainable Bamboo Sector

This report is talk about the development of NTFPs (Non Timber Forest Products) in China is an organic combination of sustainable resource cultivation, highefficiency industrial processing and smooth marketing networks, and a constructive institutional culture. NTFPs and their production has become one of the supporting pillars of economic development in the rural areas of China. This activity done about 4 years before Pandemic Covid-19


All activity of this workshop is talk about practically sustainable of bamboo in China. This is very useful for all organized Indonesian peoples, especially to increase knowledge and management ability of bamboo as renewable resource, which is cheap and widely available. In addition, many project and activities on bamboo project can be hold easy to process and acceptable in price. The best workshop theme is about bamboo-based composites will become a highly competitive alternative to woodbased composites and an important forest based product in the future.

a. A well-organized technology dissemination system is one of the key aspects of China’s rapidly growing bamboo industry.
b. Multi-level participation: Local governments, scientists, businesses and farmers join hands with local government officials, participating in the establishment and development of technology extension stations.
c. Technology service contracts: Scientists sign contractual agreements with businesses and local farmers to provide technical services and to compensate farmers if household profit is less than the expected specified in the contract.
d. Training workshops for farmers: Several workshops were held to train the farmers in the application of the new technologies and methods.
e. Demonstration sites: Exemplary bamboo plantation sites, successful rural farmer households and enterprises are identified to illustrate results from use of new technologies and to provide motivation for others to participate.
f. Evaluation policy for scientists and technicians: Scientists and technicians who contribute on both academic research and technology dissemination will be given different kind of rewards, including a promotion in rank or position.


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